provides actionable location-based insight on customer behavior and area utilization

Business Intelligence Solutions

News Update

October 9, 2019
Newly formed, San Diego based Ignite Prism, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Intellectual Property and technology platform of San Francisco based Prism Skylabs ( Prism's unique camera agnostic Business Intelligence solution is the perfect complement for Ignite’s existing geofence and BLE proximity customer engagement platform. The newly formed company will operate under Ignite Prism, Inc.

While existing Prism partners, customers and users will continue to enjoy the same level of service with the same supporting staff, Ignite Prism has also embarked on the integration of both technology platforms to further strengthen the Business Intelligence data set and to better engage retail shoppers, restaurant guests and large venue visitors.

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Business Intelligence

Igniteble has built a business intelligence solutions platform that integrates a number of proprietary and third party technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE proximity sensors, Cameras, etc.) to deliver actionable location-based insight on customer behavior and area utilization.

The platform also provides a comprehensive customer engagement tool that delivers contextually relevant content.

In addition, the Igniteble solutions portfolio is engineered as a turn-key and fully managed platform to support highly cost-effective deployments for large retail chains and large venues.

Igniteble is a fully integrated proximity solution platform that utilizes sensors and contextual information to produce advanced analytics and improve customer engagement.


The integration of proximity based location awareness of the consumer combined with their interests and purchase behavior creates a wealth of valuable data points. The Igniteble dashboards visualize relational data through comprehensive diagrams, charts, pies and funnels for easy comprehensible interpretation and trend analysis by both floor managers and executive management.

Analytical Highlights

  • Visitor Dwell Time per Store
  • Visitor Dwell Time per Department
  • Visits by Time of Day
  • Visits by Store
  • Loyalty and Visit Frequencies
  • Rewards Program Member
  • Notifications Sent/Clicked/Converted
  • Conversion Rate
  • Click Through Rates

Proximity as a Managed Service

Proximity as a managed service is an efficient way for large-scale deployments to guarantee optimal beacon deployment, beacon calibration, site certification and monitoring of the technology. Our subscription model is bound by a contractual, service level agreement and provides a hassle-free solution at the most competitive price.

Managed Service Highlights

  • Hassle-Free Setup and Monitoring
  • Operation Certification
  • Remote Management Via 24/7 Service Centers
  • Service Level Guarantees
  • Hardware Upgrade Program
  • Licensed Technician Network Servicing North America
  • 54%
of shoppers welcome retailer alerts reminding them of an offer based on their current location
  • 88%
of in-store displays go unnoticed by shoppers

Sources: Cognizant - POPAI - InReality
  • 75%
of shoppers said they would be more likely to buy in-store if given personalized offers delivered in the moment

Communicate with your consumers when appropriate

Personalized Messages

Increase message relevance through location proximity, user behavior and their preference settings.


Increase conversion of actionable campaigns through targeted user-specific promotions, offers or surveys.

Loyalty and Rewards

Measure and increase returning customer visits and provide individual incentives to reward their loyalty.


Provide additional convenience by providing directions or proximity relevant article or location information.

Advanced Solutions through a synergistic suite of technologies and features


Superior Privacy Control

Data storage adheres to stringent encryption and privacy rules and can be fully controlled by the user.

Contextual Analytics Engine

An advanced multi-sensory, rule-based decision engine enables personalized and actionable campaigns.

Video Data

Video footage provides visit counting and adds to the diversification of data for enhanced heat-maps.


Large area outdoor geo-fences work in unison with the more granular outdoor and indoor sensors.

iBeacons and Eddystone

Compatible with iBeacons (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) and agnostic with virtually any beacon vendor.


Intelligent Notifications

Notification and interactive messages are delivered in-app or presented on the user’s lock screen.

Location Confirmation

Sensors can confirm the location (visit) of a user, trigger notifications and/or enable a suite of other actions.

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Integrate an existing Loyalty and Rewards Program, or leverage Igniteble’s simple rewards system.

Custom Features

Enable specific mobile features such as shopping/wish lists, reminders, limited wayfinding and more.

Coupons & Offers

Integrate existing coupon delivering systems via their API and/or use Igniteble’s mobile offer system.

Campaign Manager

The Igniteble Campaign Manager allows the user to create a wide range of campaign types, such as: Text, Image, Video, Mobile Offer, Coupon and Survey. Campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time and instant real-time conversion data is available in the detail screen.
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Campaign Manager Highlights

  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Campaign Performance Dashboard
  • Beacon, Department and Geo-fence Targets
  • Audience Qualifiers
  • Behavior Qualifiers
  • Mobile Offer Redemption Insights
  • Multi-level User Access
  • API Ready For Integration
  • Responsive Design
Consumer privacy

Users of the Igniteble platform have the option to limit or completely disable: location tracking, notifications and data capture.


Use the Igniteble toolset to automate sophisticated engagement with consumers in the form of mobile notifications, offers, videos and surveys which can be triggered for delivery via contextual information such as: observed user behavior, opportunity value, time of day, and proximity to a location, as well as the consumer's individual notification settings.

  • Fitting Individual

    Igniteble’s online campaign manager can be customized to interact only with those individuals who are likely to benefit.

  • Best Engagement Format

    Igniteble’s online campaign manager can engage individuals through a variety of notifications, offers, videos or surveys.

  • Opportune Timing

    Igniteble’s online campaign manager will consider date and time to ensure the highest yield on engagement.

  • Relevant Location

    Igniteble’s online campaign manager uses geo-fences, Eddystone and iBeacons (BLE) for proximity specifics.

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%

- Source: Bain and Co. -

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